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Hotel Łabędy - Łabędy Water Gate
Łabędy Water Gate Łabędy Water Gate

In Łabędy there is one of the six water gates of Gliwice Canal that joins the Upper Silesian Industrial Center with Odra River.

The hydro technical buildings such as water gates allow for the balancing of water levels’ differences that occur on some parts of the canal between further water gates. Łabędy Water Gate was built during the construction of Gliwice Canal (1934-1939), and now, after more than seventy years most of its original machines and instruments still work.

Barges with coal and tourist units go through the water gate. Gliwice Dock, one of the biggest inland harbours in Poland, is visible from the bridge situated near the water gate. Gliwice Marina, which offers motorboats to rent, is situated within the Dock. Apart from that Gliwice Canal is a place where you can encounter water birds. It is not hard to spot many herons and cormorants.

Distance from Hotel Łabędy - 650 m.