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Hotel Łabędy is located on the green belt of Gliwice, 6 km away from the city center and only 3 km from Gliwice Economic Zone. The location of the hotel is great for both, business and tourist stays. Łabędy, situated in Kłodnica River valley, is now a district of Gliwice but it used to be a separate town. It is believed that the name of the place derives from many swan flocks that used to reside here.

The district has many recreation facilities and landscape attractions. There is Gliwice Port, believed to be one of the most modern and universal inland ports in the country, there are also many historic churches - among them the oldest - Saint Mary’s Assumption Church from the year 1217.

Łabędy forest, with its many tourist paths, is a perfect place for hiking and cycling excursions. In close proximity of the hotel there are tennis courts, a riding center, Olimpijczyk swimming pool and picturesque Czechowickie Lake. All those places are perfect for active leisure.